Two or Three Day On-Site Estate Sale

We host public sales on weekends, usually Saturdays and Sundays.

Marketplace Research and Evaluations

An extensive amount of our preparation time focuses on determining spot-on pricing. Retail, second-hand market, and comparative numbers are all considered in our process.

Specialty Item Assessment Using Our Network of Consultants

Reaching out to experts in their respective fields is essential. We utilize every available source in determining the best possible price for high-ticket items.

Organization ~ Setup ~ Staging ~ Merchandising ~ Pricing

These five steps summarize our process. Our model is to present an inviting sale that draws public interest and creates excitement. Our forte is in the styling!

Advertising ~ Promotion ~ Marketing

Our respected reputation within the community attracts customers. To reach a broader audience, we use local and regional advertising media. Notifying our extensive database customers, using newspaper and website ads, and key-placed, directional signs guarantee successful attendance.

Staffing for Sales, Security, and Parking

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is well positioned on the sale site, both inside and outside the property. Security is a top priority. The Clearing House is fully insured. Available parking staff assists attendees and eases concerns that may arise with neighbors.

Inventory and Sales Accounting

Your proceeds and an inventory of the items sold come to you within eight working days following the close of the public sale.

Facilitating the Donation Process

Arranging for charitable pickups along with donation receipts is included in our service. The sales inventory reflects and documents the value of the donations. Our process is complete from beginning to end, with your home empty and ready for your next step.

Uniquely Tailored Solutions

Clients unable to host a public sale have specific needs in selling their property. We offer private sales and inclusion opportunities, providing a successful channel to sell your items. Our goal is to customize a way to meet your needs.