With THE CLEARING HOUSE, the initial consultation is free. At your convenience we come to your home or property to evaluate your situation and answer any general questions you may have.

We work on commission and only earn our share AFTER we sell your things.
here are no upfront costs. In fact, we even pay the advertising costs!

Our commission and charges are competitive and vary from sale-to-sale and
house-to-house, depending on the level of attention the household requires. Determining factors are:

  • challenge of project
  • preparation time
  • research time for specialty items
  • marketing and advertising efforts
  • distance from our home office
  • supplies to prepare and run the sale
  • personnel required
  • clean up of the home, yard and garage

At the end of the sale, THE CLEARING HOUSE provides you with a spreadsheet inventory of the asking and selling prices of all major items. Shortly after the conclusion of your sale we present you a complete packet: your sale inventory, donations receipt and your proceeds check.


Professional,  Licensed,  Insured,  
Reliable  &  Honest


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