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"I had complete trust in their integrity to manage a sale of my belongings."

Working with Elaine and Christa and their excellent staff was a wonderful experience. They were efficient, helpful, thoughtful and competent in every way. I could not have managed to move out of my house without their skillful help. They left my house in pristine condition. I had complete trust in their integrity to manage a sale of my belongings. They provided me with a thorough accounting, along with a check for the estate sale. I have told everyone I know about their service, and I am happy to share my experience to anyone interested. You can contact me at [email protected]

Merna Braun
June 2015


"...every detail thoroughly discussed, agreed upon and implemented."

In July 2014 The Clearing House LLC was contacted by me for conducting an Estate Sale at our property in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, prior to close of escrow in early September 2014. The Estate Sale was to include a major part of furnishings in the mansion and guest house, as well as outdoors: antique, vintage and contemporary furniture, numerous accessories, bedding, china, crystals, art, planters and plants, etc. The event took place over a weekend at the end of August 2014.

The contract was well-executed. Elaine Pfeifer's and Christa Myers' interaction with me was thoughtful and courteous.
Both the prepartion to and the actual Estate Sale were organized in an excellent, business-like manner, with every detail thoroughly discussed, agreed upon and implemented. Elaine Pfeifer and Christa Myers proved to be seasoned professionals.

Their pricing, labeling and display arrangements showed their knowledge of the market, understanding of the demographics and the psychology of the prospective attendees.

As agreed, I received a detailed recap of the sale in electronic form. The property was left in perfect order.

I can recommend the Clearing House with great confidence.

Anne Volokh


"We both lived out of the state of California and ...were overwhelmed with the task at hand" 

Early December 2013, my brother David and I were notified that our younger brother had passed away unexpectedly.  We both lived out of the state of California and arrived in Santa Barbara within a couple days of the death.  We were overwhelmed with the task at hand since our brother was in the middle of a major renovation of his home, inside and out including the grounds.  He was a very talented man, designer, builder and collector of very unique furnishings and artwork.  He owned rental properties and was caring for a long time friend who was in advance stages of dementia.  Oh my goodness where were we to start.  We hired an attorney to begin the legal process of taking care of our brother's estate and she was most helpful in giving us many resources including property managers, a Realtor, care facilities and bankers.  We started with the Realtor who gave us the name of The Clearing House, LLC.  We had an appointment scheduled within a couple days with the owners, Christa Myers and Elaine Pfeifer.  We had negotiated a contract with them within days.

Their work was cut out for them.  The house was full of unique furniture, many antiques, artwork, bronzes, clocks, books and the list goes on.  The double garage was full from the floor beyond the rafters with tools and building materials, paint and many more items used in his creations.  The yard was full of more building supplies that many would think were piles of "junk" but would be used to create a beautiful Tuscan style yard once it was finish.  Christmas was days away but the ladies told us the work would begin the first of the year.  There would be a lot of cleaning, sorting and research to find the value of many items.  The work began with updates as to the progress frequently.  Once the house was staged, we received an online tour of the house so we always felt involved in the progress.

By late February the task was completed, the house empty, garage empty, yard clean and a check mailed for all items that sold, including our brother's truck, and what didn't sell was donated.  We had a detailed list for everything.  With Christa and Elaine's quick work we were able to put the house on the market by the 1st of March and it was sold and closed by the end of April.  They are true professionals and we are most grateful for all they have done for us.  We can not thank them enough.

Judy Johnson and David Lightfoot


"They were able to bring order to the chaos"

"My Mother was one of those people who liked her THINGS and there were a lot of them. I was so overwhelmed after her passing and with the task of what to do with it all. Just when I was about to chuck the whole thing into a truck and haul it away, we ran upon an ad for The Clearing House.

I just cannot speak highly enough for The Clearing House and the integrity they demonstrated when we hired them. Immediately they went to work, sorting, arranging and promoting. They were able to bring order to the chaos and worked so hard that instead of spending money to have the stuff taken away, or moving it and selling it a bit at a time ..... they actually delivered a hefty check in a month after my mother's passing. This team of professional women have their roles down to a science, and they execute them with skill ad finesse. f you would like to discuss my experience with The Clearing House in more detail I can be reached by email at:  [email protected]

Toni Anderson
~ A happy client ~
November 2010


"In one weekend they miraculously sold nearly every item in our house"

"ASK ONE WHO KNOWS ONE! We recently sold our home in Montecito with 58 years of furnishings. In one weekend they miraculously sold nearly every item in our house, from furniture to art work to garden ladders at much more than we expected. It was truly amazing! They researched all the valuables for fair pricing. They quietly sorted through all the paraphernalia and displayed it attractively. They staged the rooms so when items were sold the room miraculously became appealing again. To top it off they cleaned the house for the new owners and took anything that did not sell to a charity of our choice. It doesn't get any better than The Clearing House!"

Phyllis D.


"I was particularly pleased that Elaine and Christa were so flexible and easy to work with and very honest"

I hired The Clearing House estate sales company last October soon after I had placed my home on the market and needed to downsize in a hurry. Elaine, Christa and their team relieved my anxiety right away by handling everything efficiently, with exceptional attention to detail, and enormous patience with my indecisiveness about whether to let some treasured items go or keep them. They were dependable, arriving every morning at 10:00 a.m. and working non stop until evening sorting, pricing and staging the items. As someone who had never done this before I was particularly pleased that Elaine and Christa were so flexible and easy to work with and very honest.

They have their own list of regular clients so they advertised the sale to them as well as the general public resulting in an excellent turnout. At the end of the two day sale, Christa and Elaine arranged to have the unsold items taken away to be donated to a local charity and left the house in great condition.

One of the most impressive parts of their work was their staging skills. I was bowled over when I came into the house and saw that my home was transformed into an elegant, inviting, upscale environment where many of my possessions were staged in new locations to great effect. When items sold they placed other pieces strategically to maximize the visibility of each piece.

Finally, they gave me a print out of every item, its listed price in one column and the final sale price in another, and I received a check for everything within a week after the sale.

I hope this helps individuals out there who are in the process of trying to find an estate sale group for the first time. Elaine and Christa and their company, The Clearing House, are just fantastic. I highly recommend them and should you want further details feel free to get in touch with me at: [email protected]

Maureen M.
March 2013


"After interviewing multiple organizations . . . we hired the Clearing House and it was honestly the best decision we ever made." 

My mother was a life long garage sale attendee and collector of "fine" things. Having raised seven children she knew the value of thrift shops from an early age. When she passed away she left quite a legacy for her children. That's where the Clearing House folks came into play. After interviewing multiple organizations to help us with an estate sale we hired the Clearing House and it was honestly the best decision we ever made. They are friendly, professional folks and really know what they are doing. We children had helped our mother with several garage sales over the years, so it was amazing to see the Clearing House people at work. Their sale prep and sale management are outstanding and I can highly recommend them. Again, I don't know how we would have done it without them. Elaine, Christa, Andy and the others are to thank.

Check them out.  You will be amazed.

Matt Longmire
Santa Barbara
[email protected]

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